What does 6 service minimum mean? Is makeup and hair combo one service or two?

Makeup and hair are 2 services. We require at LEAST 6 services for any wedding party booking. This does not necessarily mean 6 people. It could be minimum 6 hair or 6 makeup of 3M/3H, etc.

What is the deposit amount?

The deposit cannot be calculated until we have back your agreement with your services specified. It is not a set percentage, it is a formula and we are happy to calculate and let you know the exact amount once we get back your services on your agreement! It is always less than 50% of the total and doesn't exceed a max of $500 for larger totals.

Can I just put some services now to secure my date and add/remove them later?

This is very important. We must know your services in order to accept your booking. Once you submit your contract you cannot under any circumstances remove services Reason being, when we process a contract, we assign our team to it based on your number of services and they accept it based on the work they are getting. We cannot take services from them after we have agreed, this is why our agreements are in place. You are, however, welcome to swap someone out for someone else if needed, as long as your balance amount says the same. You can add services after your agreement is turned in but you will want to be mostly accurate because again, we assign our team to these bookings once they are secured and if we do not put the correct number of artists to your party and you try to add later, we may have to tell you no since they were not already set assigned and may have been placed on another party. In short- figure out your services to book! Its easier for you and us in the grand scheme of things!

Will you write me up a "proposal" quote?

No, this is why we have our pricing guide which serves as your "quote". We do not propose packages, it is simply the set menu prices listed in the guide for whatever number of services you are contracting! 

Do you use airbrush makeup or traditional?

We are a pro-traditional foundation team and do NOT offer airbrush makeup any longer as we advise against it. Airbrush foundation works great for some people but universally does not work great for everyone as it clings to "peach fuzz" hair on the face, settles in fine lines/wrinkles creating creases, and is overall not the coverage we like for our flawless finish applications as it is very fine and minimal unless you apply multiple layers. We have found to get the desired coverage we have to apply so much that it tends to look thick and cakey. Overall it has not shown to perform at the quality level that it is hyped up to so we have eliminated it from our service list. Any pictures you see are traditional application!

How much time do you need? How many artists come on the day of?

We require a minimum of 4 hours for every booking! We do not have the ability for you to pay an additional fee for less time. This minimum guarantees the amount of services we're able to assign per artist to secure them on your date. The number of artists assigned completely depends on those service counts you secure so we're unable to know this answer until we have a contract! Feel free to inquire about how many artists are assigned to your booking after you've secured with us and if we have it assigned, we're happy to provide that information!  

Do you offer appointments for trials and/or bridals and if so when can I book that?

Yes we offer these appointments M-TH exclusively for brides currently booked with us for an additional cost listed in our pricing guide! We no longer offer trials to inquiring brides that have not secured an agreement with us due to wanting to offer the already limited trial availability's priority to our Blushd Brides! We only do trials for Brides and again, due to our volume, cannot offer these for any other party or family members! Trial appointments do NOT go towards your day of service count as that is a completely separate appointment. We have the ability to be in-studio on those weekdays since we are always booked on wedding parties every Fri-Sun. Just like you would want, we don't want our bride's services on their wedding days being rushed so that we can get back to the studio for a trial so please inquire for a M-TH booking! Our studio for the Hill Country area is in San Marcos and our Houston area studio is in the Spring/ Champions area of NW Houston.  At this time, our Dallas team's studio is not yet completed so trials will be done at either a mutual location or the artist will come to the Bride! Trials must be done with the team at the location you'd be working with for your wedding regardless of where you live. 

How much is the travel fee?

Anywhere we go within an hour (50 mi) from our local studio is $50. Anything further will be calculated at $2 per mile over 50 added to the $50 base.

Can the artist's apply extensions on the wedding day?

Yes and we also sell them! There is no additional fee for the APPLICATION of extensions on the wedding day for the Bride. Anybody besides the bride who is requesting extensions to be applied will have a $15 charge for the added work due directly to the artist that day. If you would like to purchase or inquire about Halo Extensions, email us for more info!

Do you have different pricing for Moms, grandma's, jr. bridesmaids, Flower Girls, etc? Do you offer different prices for just eyes, just lashes, just face, etc?

We can provide services for anyone in your group, they're all considered "party"! Flower girl hair pricing for ages 7yrs and under which is discounted in the pricing guide. We do not offer makeup services to ages 7 yrs and younger. Our pricing is the same whether you tell your artist you wants a full face or just blush and lip gloss! If the makeup requested, you feel, is not worth the price please just leave them off the services as they will be the same cost! If makeup service is signed on for, one can simply control the amount applied in a consultation with their artist if less is requested. We are always happy to accommodate a more minimal application if the client relays this to their artist however the price will not change!

Do you offer any additional discounts? If it's a large party do I get different pricing?

At this time, we do not. Blushd averages 3-4 wedding inquiries everyday with an average of 4 secured contracts a week. Our calendar fills up quickly and in advance. We are usually mostly full a year and a half in advance. Because of this we are not offering any additional promos and encourage you to reach out and secure quickly to reserve! Additionally there is no such thing as a large party, every party is just different on who they're choosing to include in getting ready! We have different sizes every weekend! We've had bookings as small as 6 services total all the way up to 25 makeup and 25 hair totaling 50 services so we do not have different pricing based on the size of your group! 

Why can I not find a phone number for Blushd?

We have a large admin team made up of the owner, manager, assistant manager, and 4-5 interns. Every person on the admin team will handle different aspects f your booking at different times through all of the steps involved in preparing it. Because of this, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page with any changes or adjustments that are made or answers given. We have to be able to look back and see why and how an adjustment was made so it doesn't cause confusion to the next person handling it! We require all questions and adjustement requests be submitted via email so we can track this! You are always welcome to request a call if there's a concern you'd like to talk through and we are happy to assist once you have a booking secured, but any changes or adjustments would have to be submitted in writing! This is also the quickest way to get in touch with us since there are so many eyes on the account! This is for your benefit that we stay organized and avoid miscommunication!

How does your booking process and final balance payment work?

Once you review our pricing and FAQ section, you may request a contract to move forward with booking. Once you receive this contract, you will fill it out to completion and email it back. Once our admin team receives this contract, they will begin to process it. At this point they will calculate your deposit owed (which goes towards your grand total, see above for deposit cost info) and email you with the amount and a PayPal link to follow to complete this. You have 7 days from when the link is sent out to complete this or your contract will be voided. Once you complete your deposit, your date is secure and our team is assigned which puts your date on our master calendar. Your remaining balance (grand total-deposit) will be due 2 weeks prior to the wedding. This process and payment options are detailed in your agreement, either a mailed check before the due date or an emailed invoice on or after the due date. Two weeks prior to your wedding date, one of our interns will reach out to you to schedule a confirmation phone call with your lead artist. On this phone call they will confirm the details we have set for your party, gather more information from you, as well as answer any remaining questions you may have. After this call, they will make your order of services schedule and send it out to you and the artists working your event!

Does the price change without lashes?

In short, No! We consider this a crucial part of makeup application so the price does not change without them however any client is welcome to opt out simply by letting their artist know on the day of! 

Do you make an order of services schedule  for the day of?

Yes! Our manager will do this after your confirmation call! Per the agreement you'll sign, everyone needs to be present at the entire booking's start time regardless of where they fall, but we do make an order of services schedule simply to keep your artists on track ensuring everyone is accommodated! 

Do you offer blow-outs?

No! We only style dry hair and require everyone receiving services have dry hair on the day of as we do not even bring blow dryers with us! Blow outs would significantly increase the time needed and cause timelines to run off track so we do not offer this.

Will someone stick around to touch up later?

Your artists should ask for any final touch ups at the completion of their last service. Once all services are completed, your artists will leave. We do not wait around for touch ups or pictures later. Any requests of this would be for an additional cost. Your artist may leave you a lip touch up swab for later if you simply ask!

Why does a bride service cost more than a bridesmaid?

There are many reasons for the price difference, but know this is typical in this industry. First, Bride hairstyling does not upcharge for applying and styling extensions if you choose to bring them. Bride services are more intricate, detailed, perfect, and require a bigger timing window typically. A bridesmaid service is given a 30 minute window and is required to pick a hairstyle that fits in this window, where for the Bride, there isn't a time limit, we work until you're happy! Most importantly, our company operates as a well oiled machine and there are lots of people working behind the scenes on your day. Responding to the many emailed questions through your planning process a bride typically always has, creating your day-of schedule, booking trials and coordinating them with out studio availability and your lead artist(s), assigning to our team and providing them all of their lead up booking information and the processes involved with that for the team, setting confirmations of our processes with your venue, coordinator, and photographer, setting up and executing your confirmation calls... in general every booking outside of the day of services includes about an extra 2-3 hours of work on average (more for very communicative brides with lots of questions, concerns, and requests we're being reached out to for) leading up. Just like when you have a florist for your wedding, they're charging you for the flowers themselves PLUS the service. So if they buy your flowers for your bouquet and it cost them $100 for the flowers themselves wholesale, that's their product. But they may charge you $175 for that bouquet because of the work, thats the service cost for the work they did leading up to your wedding. It's the same concept with us. Your product is your day-of service being done and our up-charge is the"service" to make your booking happen and since you, the bride, are our client, this is the additional that a bridesmaid wouldn't have! Bridesmaids don't talk to us leading up to the day of, they just show us and get a "product" that was setup for them by us and you, our client! 

I, myself, or one of my party members has textured hair or extremely curly hair. Are you able to work with this?

Of course! We love all hair types and textures! For any booking, a "party member" service has to fit into a 30 minute window. This means we don't have time to smooth AND style textured hair because they have the same timing window as anyone else on the schedule. So typically for extremely curled or "textured" hair, what we say is that they have to either allow us to use the curl pattern or texture they already have within the style (for example, styled into an updo using their natural curl without smoothing/straightening) OR come with it pre-smoothed for us to then style like we normally would. In short, we're totally fine and comfortable working with texture and curl that's naturally there, we just can't add more time for it so there's a little more pre-arrival steps needed for them to do! If they do not feel comfortable doing this or feel like the cost therefore isn't worth that and prefer to be left off the services list, we completely understand and, just like any other service, would need to either be left off initially OR fill the space they booked with someone else present if they decide to remove it.

Now that I'm booked, when do you recommend I do a trial?

We always say, the closer to the wedding the better! Because of this, we see trials are the MOST beneficial within 3 months leading up to the wedding date and no further out. The success of a trial being productive depends on accuracy and it's no secret that there are several things that can and do change for you physically all the time! For example, skin clarity (acne or lack of), skin texture, skin tone (tan vs. pale), hair length, hair texture, weight loss or gain, hair color, etc. All of these things can and will have an effect on what you like on yourself when it comes to makeup and hair and for a trial to be productive, the closer and more "accurate" you get to how you'll look on the wedding day, the more likely we'll be able to help you find a look that you love and won't need to readjust on the day-of. Additionally, there are some scenarios where your lead artist hasn't yet been assigned or the artist assigned needs to readjust and who you're working with changes the further out we are and if a trial is already done early by choice, we cannot bear the responsibility for a Bride needing to work with someone else on the day-of. We highly encourage against you doing a trial too far in advance and cannot stress enough the recommendation to wait until closer-to for these reasons! 

What other fees would I incur on my contract?

Other than the services costs, there is an 18% total gratuity (of the services cost) and travel fee (above). The only other potential cost you could incur is the early morning start fee for any bookings needing to start earlier than 7:00am due to a designated start time. We will include this on your contract if it is incurred. Any Bridesmaids bringing in extensions for their stylist to use in their hair to style will owe $15 straight to the artist on the day-of via cash or Venmo.